Here's what to expect in this course!

Welcome all!

Are you ready to learn how to create your first Toothbrush Rug?  You've come to the right place!

This course is a self paced course with new information posted at the completion of each unit.  We first master the basic techniques and then build upon them to create a limitless amount of projects!  It's so much fun to see a project from beginning to end!

A private/secret facebook group will allow for continued support throughout the course as well as a place to share your projects and ideas with other members of the group.   We'll provided recorded LIVE broadcasts and Zoom calls for additional instruction and support.  These will be available for non facebook users as well. 

The course is primarily self guided allowing you to work at all hours of the day from the comfort of you own work space!!!  Students have access to course materials for 12 months from the time of registration/payment.

Sooo....let's get started!!!!

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Here's what to expect in this course!
Welcome! Hope to see you in class!
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Toothbrush Rug Techniques 101..What To Expect!