Toothbrush Rug Techniques 101 by Staci Shuck

Toothbrush Rug Techniques 101

A year long course created to help you master the techniques of Toothbrush Rug Making

What's included?

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Here's what to expect in this course!
Welcome! Hope to see you in class!
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Toothbrush Rug Techniques 101..What To Expect!
Suggested Supplies
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Tools of the Trade
Fabric Selection and Preparing the Strips
Fabric Selection #1
Fabric Selection #2
Fabric Prep Part 1
Tearing the Strips
The Knot
It's time to Tie the Knot!
Mastering the Knot!
Let's Get Started...Round 1!
You've Tied the Knot...What's Next?
The First Stitch! Here we go!!
On to the Next Stitches!
Joining Strips To Finish Side 2 of Round 1
Round One - Second Side
Round 1 Finish! On to Round 2!
Round 2 and Increasing!
Increasing Part 2/Beginning Round 2
Time to Check In and Share your progress!
Oval and Oblong Projects
Turn Stitch, Oval/Oblong base
Moving On..Tips, Tricks, Finishing
Straight Stitching
Hills and Valleys....When & Where to Increase
Adding Color and Decorative Stitches